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Payment Gateway Integration


Payment Gateway Integration

Every online merchant has two goals: sell more and spend less. When it comes to selling online, the biggest challenge is handling the money.

What do you need to trade online?

Doing business online requires an ability to accept credit and/or debit cards from customers. This entails processing authorisation requests in real time and ensuring the cardholder has sufficient funds. If you are planning to process payments on your site you may need one of the following:

  • Internet Merchant Account
  • Online Payment Provider

What if you can't get an Internet Merchant Account?

If you don't meet the requirements for an Internet Merchant Account, or think that it is not cost effective, you could consider using an Online Payment Provider to handle card payments for you. The good news is there are companies such as PayPal and Google Checkout that can handle credit card processing for you wihtout the need of an internet merchant number. However, they do charge transaction fees based on the volume of your sales. Generally speaking, the higher the volume is the less transaction fees you will pay the service provider.

How can K2 Designers help you with Payment Gateway integration?

We have experience in Payment Gateway Integration for various E-commerce shopping cart software.  We can analyse your business needs and recommend you the right payment gateway that will benfit your business the most.

All our Ecommerce Web Design packages include SagePay, PayPal Google Checkout, Worldpay Integration as standard. However, if you already have an ecommerce website and need help integrating one of the following payment providers, contact K2 Designers today.

SagePay Integration

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PayPal Integration

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Google Checkout

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WorldPay Integration

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