eBay Shop Setup
eBay Shop Management

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eBay Shop Setup

Our Mission

As UK's largest online market place with 7.6 million UK users, Ebay is attracting over 10000 UK Businesses today. If you have not already taken your place on Ebay, you may be loosing a potential 25% increase in sales every month.

How to setup an eBay Shop?

Setting up an eBay Shop is easy and you do not have to be an expert on internet technology. However, if you are not comfortable with new technologies on internet and want to get instant results, K2 Designers will be more than happy to assist you start up your eBay Shop.

eBay Shop Management?

Do you already have an eBay Shop up and running? Is your shop getting too busy and out of control? Are you struggling organising your products and categories?
You do not have to spend hours managing your eBay Shop. If you are seeking advice on how to manage a growing eBay Shop more efficiently contact us today.

Bronze eBay Shop

eBay Shop Setup

Great for individual sellers. Listing of up to 20 items.

eBay Shop Setup Bronze Package

Silver eBay Shop

eBay Shop Setup

Superb for small businesses. Listing of 20 to 100 items.

eBay Shop Setup Silver Package

Gold eBay Shop

eBay Shop Setup

Ideal for medium size shops. Listing of 100 items.
£3 per item thereafter.

eBay Shop Setup Gold Package

eBay Fees

Did you know that you could save up to 40% on your insertion fees? eBay will award you with discount on insertion fees if you maintain a good feedback and have a high turnover on your eBay Shop. Contact us today to find out how you can save up to 40% on your insertion fees now.