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Web design Re-design

Importance of updating a Website

Featured client: Shred Pro  

The web is evolving, dramatically.  You may already have a website, however, when is the last time it was updated, or even looked at? Do you even know how many visitors its getting?

If the answer to any of the above is “I’m not sure”, then it may be time to put it to some good use perhaps?

A Website can act as your portfolio or a gateway for your clients, it can open new doors.



Our featured client, Shred Pro Ltd, they provide a first class shredding service in the UK, has had an Internet presence since 2007, they are currently on their third build. (Take a sneak peak at the new site below).

As the web evolves your competitors will grow with it, this is why it’s important to have an internet presence and to continue to update and maintain your web presence.

If you would like an independent review of your current site, please leave a comment below or get in touch by clicking HERE.




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