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Web Design Tips

Believe it or not, more than 30 new pages are added every second on the internet. Whilst the internet is growing rapidly, more than 95% of businesses are still not making money with their websites. If you  think you are in the 5%, then we congratulate you. If not, then please read on.

There are various reasons why your site is not making the amount of money you expected from it. We have summarised the basic rules of web design to help you avoid the mistakes that 95% of current web site owners do. These are only guidelines and they will not bring you immediate cash. However, if you follow these guidelines, they will put you ahead of your potential competitors.

1 – Build a website with your customers in mind…

Your site shoul be designed for your customers. And your customers are only interested in the information, service or product they are looking for. Telling your customers how you started your business and how long you have been in the game answer their qustions or fulfill their needs.

2 – Get your message accross immediately…

The moment a customer enters your site, you have less than 5 second to give them the answer they are looking for. Don’t forget your customers are busy just like you. They will not spend too long on your site trying to find the answer they are looking for. So get your message accross immediately before they go else where.

3 – Is your Navigation easy to use?

Is your site like a puzzle that takes hours to solve? Can your customers find their way around your site easily? If your customers feel lost whilst trying to find the infomation on your site, it is likely they will leave and not come back again!

It is very important to guide your customers through the site by offering them an easy to understand navigation system. Building a solid navigation system on your site can take time. However, once built it will help your customers stay and crawl deeper into your site.

4 – Let your customers buy…

There are many web sites falling for this mistake. They give too much information up front about a product and hide the “Buy Button” to the bottom of the page. If you bore your customers with too much information, they may not bother looking for the “Buy Button”.

Don’t forget, some customers may already know about the product and just want to buy it, so try placing your “Buy button” near the top of page or somewhere they can see!

5 – Don’t forget Offline Marketing…

Unless you are solely an online business, do not cut off your current offline advertising campaings. Wether you advertise on magazines, newspapers or radio, try to keep your existing advertising avenues.

Although it is more cost effective doing business online, you should never rely on your website to generate all the revenue. It may cost you in the future if you experience long term problems with your web site for any reason.

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