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Seo Versus PPC

August 10, 2014  Written by K2 Designers   Published in SEO

Search engines… love ‘em or hate ‘em, if you’re not on them you may as well pack your bags and say goodbye. Or do you? Sure, there are other means of generating traffic to your website, such as PPC other methods exist too, some ethical and some not, you may have come accross White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO, (more on that later)…

Link Building Tactics

April 22, 2011  Written by K2 Designers   Published in SEO

How to increase traffic through Link Building?

Link Building is a method that is used to bring more visitors to your website. It can be achieved by trading of links between two websites or simply submitting your site to online directories. If you are struggling getting a higher ranking on search engines, and looking for ways to attract more visitors to your site freely, then link building is the answer.

Search Engine Optimisation Tips

April 22, 2011  Written by K2 Designers   Published in SEO

Your site may rise and sometimes fall in theĀ search engine rankings but a solid and complete optimization of your site will insure that through algorithm changes you may fluctuate but you will not disappear. Please read ourĀ search engine optimisation tips to better understand how your site should be designed.