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Seo Versus PPC

Search engines… love ‘em or hate ‘em, if you’re not on them you may as well pack your bags and say goodbye. Or do you? Sure, there are other means of generating traffic to your website, such as PPC other methods exist too, some ethical and some not, you may have come accross White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO, (more on that later)…

We’ve mentioned PPC (Pay Per Click), this can be a slightly costly route in gaining relevant traffic,  PPC or better known as Google AdWords, where you pay to be on the sponsored listings, and each time someone clicks on your site you get charged..

Don’t want to pay thousands on clicks each month to get listed on page 1?

The success story…

HTS; Our favourite client from Ombersley near Worcester, are professional screen and projector installers, they’ve done jobs for clients as large as Bosch, BUPA, Telewest and National Grid etc.. HTS approached us for a bespoke website build to attract new customers, through our research we immediatley discovered that the search term “Screen Installation” was very popular although very competative, we took on the challenge on gaining page one Google rankings. Due to the masses of competition SERP’s or Search Engine Result Pages, it varies significantly, typically between 125,000,000 to 220,000,000 results!!

How did we do?

Take a look at this screen grab – recorded on 10 June 2011



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