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Keyword Research

Finding the right keywords

The most important task of search engine optimization, and by far the trickiest and the hardest to accomplish is finding the right keywords (search phrases). Accomplishing that can dramatically increase your chances of driving more traffic to your site.

With this plan, our marketing professionals will review your website and will come up with a list of keywords that are the most effective for your website. Each of the keywords is chosen very carefully using the following procedure:


The keyword must reflect your exact product and service offerings, your geographical availability and your desired audience, so that it will drive to your website such customers that you will be able to covert into buyers.


The keyword must be used by search engines users, as there is no point in using a keyword that nobody is searching for. We will actually provide you with the exact numbers of how many times people searched for your keywords and their variations last month in the top search engines!


The keyword must pass our competitive analysis test, which includes a competitive analysis on each specific keyword in conjunction with your website and your competitors’ websites. Our marketing professional run this test using our unique innovative technology.

Knowing how your customers search

Just to remind you that 85% of the UK web users find new web sites through Search Engines. If you want more targetted traffic, you have to think like your customers. Without knowing what your customers are looking for, you will not be able to make your website visible to them. Therefore, the better you understand their needs, the more successful your business will become.

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