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Facebook & Twitter Viral Marketing Tools

Everyone knows the popular social network called Facebook.

Your friends are on there, your family is on there, and don’t forget the kids, the kids seem to spend more time on Facebook than studying!

It’s the place which costs businesses around the world millions by distracted workers! A real pain we know… however, hold on family ‘n’ friends, it’s not all too bad, Facebook and other social interactive sites such as Twitter can have some real benefits for you or your business, if used properly you can utilize these world popular sites and use them as advertising tools; what we call “viral marketing”.

Viral marketing
or viral advertising, is a fantastic way of generating some quick and painless business; so how does it work and how can you take advantage of today’s social media buzz?

Step 1. Set up a ‘business’ facebook account and link it to twitter (it’s free) AND once linked to Twitter you can update the two simultaneously, saving you time!

Step 2. Invite some friends, that will be interested in your business or product, talk about your product, get people excited about it.

Unsure how to create a Facebook / Twitter account? Panic Not!

Want us to design a professional Facebook theme and set up your account? So you can stand out from the crowd.
Drop us a line.


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  1. Wayne Higgs says:

    I’ve just set my self up on Facebook but linking it to twitter was a bit of a pain, i managed to do it in the end. Thanks for the nice article

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